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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Top 4 Social Media Recruiting Strategies to Find Top Talent (Read @ The Manifest)
There are four main social media recruitment strategies for hiring top talent, according to our survey of 505 full-time U.S. employees. Companies can attract the best job candidates to their business by targeting the right social media channels and highlighting their brand.

3 Tips for a Better Recruiting Budget (Read @ Indeed)
A common misconception in recruiting is that budgets are created only once a year. While you might turn in a plan on a given day, the legwork that goes into budgeting is ongoing. And it touches all aspects of talent acquisition — from the people doing the work to the people you’ll eventually hire, as well as how the work gets done.

Here’s How the Best Job Candidates Know Within Minutes If a Company (and Job) Is Right For Them (Read @ Inc.)
For talented people, the job market is a seller’s market: Because they’re in demand they can to a large extent choose where they want to work.

‘Gives Me Hope’: How Low-Paid Workers Rose Up Against Stagnant Wages (Read/Listen @ NPR)
Kim Thomas felt drawn to being a home health aide after caring for her own ailing mother. Human dignity, she says, can be simple, like a bath and a favorite snack.

The Problem With Telling Sick Workers to Stay Home (Read @ The Atlantic)
Even with the coronavirus spreading, lax labor laws and little sick leave mean that many people can’t afford to skip work.

The Most In-Demand Skills For Employers (Read @ The Undercover Recruiter)
Totally Money has conducted a study showing which skills are the most in-demand for popular job industries, highlighting which ones have the highest number of jobs available.

Strategy Column: Should You Google Candidates? (Read @ ERE)
News broke last week that Amazon was being sued by one manager because, among other things, her boss was making her look up candidates’ social-media profiles to determine their race and gender.

How to Reduce Risk and Promote Inclusivity When Hiring (Read @ Verified First)
The Body Shop made headlines when it announced its new open hiring policy for its warehouses. Instead of a traditional pre-employment screening and hiring process, The Body Shop will only ask candidates three questions.

Employees Stay 41% Longer at Companies That Use This Strategy (Read @ LinkedIn)
Even employees who love their jobs rarely stay in the same role forever. People want to make career moves — whether that means moving up, trying something new, or finding a role that’s a better fit. And companies that help employees do those things reap the benefits.

The Key to a Great Interview (Read @ Mel Kleiman)
Whether you are being interviewed for a job or are interviewing a job applicant, the key to a great interview is to put on a great ACT.

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