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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Avoid These Mistakes to Improve the Candidate Experience (Read @ Indeed Blog)
Having hard-to-fill positions can be really frustrating. You’re working at a great company with great people — so why can’t you get any of your candidates to the finish line?

This Job Candidate Walked Out Before His Interview Started. The Reason Is Instructive for Any Employer (Read @ Evil HR Lady)
Miguel Olave waited 35 minutes for an interview. Then he walked out. He was absolutely right to do so.

Should You Suspend Hiring During the Coronavirus Outbreak? (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the nation, it leaves us wondering: Should all employers suspend their hiring process until the virus has run its course?

How Long Does a Background Check Take? by Verified First (iRecruit Blog)
Successfully passing a background check is often the final step in a candidate’s journey. Employers are eager to onboard new employees through quick screening, but speed needs to be balanced with delivering accurate and thorough results.

The 3 reasons why those candidates “No-Showed” you! (Read @ HR Morning)
No-Show prospects are not only frustrating — they’re holding your company back and keeping you from taking yet another to-do off your list.

We are constantly talking about how do we get more women and minorities (but not those Asian or Indian minorities) into STEM careers. If we only catch them sooner, that will be the key. If we only give them more math, that will be the key. If we only pay teachers more, that will be the key. It’s all false.

Hiring for Growth Mode: How to Find Candidates Who Can Evolve Alongside Your Business (Read @ Recruiter.com)
As technological innovations like artificial intelligence continue to change the economic landscape, attracting and retaining skilled talent who can thrive in a company in growth mode is becoming an increasingly pressing issue for business leaders.

7 Tips for Conducting a Seamless Virtual Job Interview (Read @ LinkedIn)
As companies around the globe make adjustments to prioritize the health and safety of their employees and communities amid coronavirus, many talent acquisition teams are reassessing how they conduct candidate interviews. In many cases, this means transitioning from in-person interviews to virtual ones.

These words are a sign of age bias in job postings (Read @ MarketWatch)
Age discrimination in the hiring process is real, and you may even be able to spot it the next time you look at job listings.

How to Hire Freelancers & Thrive in the 1099 Economy (Read @ Glassdoor)
Freelancers abound: writers, marketing strategists, graphic designers, and paralegals are some examples of the myriad professionals available for hire on a contract basis. Employing a freelancer can be a strategic solution for enhancing, growing and streamlining your small business.


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