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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Webinar What Happens when the CEO and HR are aligned

Should You Rehire an Employee Who Left Your Company? (Read @ HBR)
These days, it’s common for people to work for many employers over the course of their careers. When an employee who previously left your company tries to come back, how do you determine whether or not you should rehire them? Research shows rehiring these “boomerang” employees.

Woman in tears after submitting resume with glaring mistake: ‘You think you’re having a bad day?’ (Read @ Yahoo)
Marissa Sidwell, a student teacher, shared a TikTok in which she is seen with tears in her eyes as she shows her resume. At first look, the resume seems fine, but it soon becomes clear what the mistake is.

Your Next Great Hire is Just a Text Message Away (iRecruit blog)
Did you know that 98% of text messages are opened and read versus just 20% for emails? It’s a staggering statistic. If you’ve ever wondered why candidates are not getting back to you quickly, or at all. This could be the reason.

Is a New Employee Required to Have an SSN? (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
When hiring a new employee, most employers understand that national origin is a protected class that cannot be discriminated against. They also understand that they are required to use the I-9 process to verify work eligibility in the United States and that I-9 asks for an employee’s Social Security number (SSN), among other things.

How to Build a Quality of Hire Strategy (Read @ Verified First)
Hiring with a focus on quality can lead to increased retention, profits and employee satisfaction. Here are the best practices for building an efficient quality of hire strategy.

4 Ways to Build an Inclusive and Diverse Talent Network (Read @ Inc.)
If one of your 2021 goals is to make diverse voices an integral part of your business, it’s time to seriously reexamine how you build your talent network.

If You Want Magic, Hire People with the Wrong Experience (Read @ Medium)
“You have an amazing amount of experience but they are looking for someone with exactly the right experience” said the recruiter. If I had a penny for every time I have heard those words, I might have retired by now.

Why the Rise of Remote Work May Help Companies Become More Diverse — and More Inclusive (Read @ LinkedIn)
or companies that were able to transition predominantly to remote work at the outset of the pandemic, the past year has brought countless new discoveries and realizations.

Women Apply From Venus, Men Apply From Mars (Read @ ERE)
It’s no surprise that corporate America was built by men, for men. Men are three times more likely to get an interview. For every dollar men make, women make just 82 cents. For every 100 promotions men get, women get only 72. And the stats can go on and on.

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