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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Webinar What Happens when the CEO and HR are aligned

should I re-hire an employee with a bad attitude? (Read @ Ask a Manager)
I briefly worked at a terrible company where I was brought in to help fix problems with a team that had been underperforming. Soon after I was hired, it became obvious to me that the company was a mess and I chose to move on after six months.

It’s Time to Hire the Long-Termed Unemployed (Read @ Evil HR Lady)
Long term unemployment is devastating. The trauma of a difficult job search can last throughout your career. Recruiters need to focus on what the candidate can control- the skillset, not the gap.

Learning About Diversity and Inclusion: 10 Free Virtual Courses (Read @ Indeed)
When asked how to support traditionally underrepresented or marginalized groups (and in particular, the black community), LaFawn Davis—Indeed’s Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging—says: “The best work we can do is examine ourselves—all of us (now and always). We can listen and learn to make sure our actions in the workplace aren’t harming others.”

3 reasons why I’ll continue remote interviewing post-pandemic (Read @ Fast Company)
When the pandemic began, businesses were focused on putting their heads down and weathering an uncertain economic environment. For many, this meant a temporary freeze on hiring. As things thawed, hiring came back, but this time, it was virtual.

How to Write Recruiting Emails People Will Actually Open (Read @ ERE)
If you’ve never been in charge of mass-marketing email sends, you probably feel no guilt as you hit delete on yet another promo code. But if you’ve been an email marketer, you know what it takes to go from idea to email. Writing a marketing email comes with a lot of stress no one discusses. There are a million tiny little details that go into it, every one an opportunity for a mishap that could go viral.

5 Ways to Bring Women Back into the Post-Pandemic Workforce (Read @ HBR)
With nearly 2.2 million women having left the U.S. labor market since the beginning of the pandemic, women’s workforce progress is spiraling backwards. Working mothers have been forced to quit or drastically reduce their hours as balancing work, childcare responsibilities, and remote school have become untenable.

4 Outside-the-Box Sourcing Tactics for Hard-to-Fill Roles (Read @ LinkedIn)
While many industries continue to struggle and still haven’t returned to hiring at scale, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are fiercely competing for talent. Recruiters can’t rely on a post-and-pray strategy. To be successful, they need to be more and more creative in their sourcing strategies.

Let’s talk about hiring managers. The good kind, the bad kind, and everything in between. Your recruiters do good work. Let’s assume that. Also, let’s assume that on the req in question, they’ve done good work and submitted candidates that the hiring manager should reasonably consider.


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