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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Disgruntled HR executive trashed personnel files and deleted 17,000 resumes after being fired — now faces up to 15 years in prison (Read @ Market Watch)
The former head of human resources at 1-800-Accountant has been convicted of maliciously destroying the company’s personnel files and deleting thousands of resumes for prospective employees after she had been fired.

Gen X workers may be facing the biggest unemployment crisis, study finds (Read @ CNBC)
In a global study entitled “Meeting the world’s midcareer challenge,” the firm found that entry-level and intermediate workers between the age of 45 and 60 face increased barriers due to biases among hiring managers, as well as reluctance among workers to learn new skills.

Beefing Up the Content on Your Applicant Portal (iRecruit)
Applicants to your jobs have a choice when they apply, they can register, apply without registering, or they can log in to an existing account if they have applied previously. Within their accounts, applicants can, of course, apply, update information, or if you have iConnect, applicants or new hires can fill out additional forms for you.

6 Signs You’ve Found the Right Candidate (Read @ Glassdoor)
When seeking potential job candidates, you may be quick to notice a few red flags throughout the interview process: They can show up late, speak poorly about a past employer, give excessively vague answers, and display other signs they aren’t a fit for your company.

Job Postings Requiring Vaccination Climb (Read @ Indeed Hiring Lab)
Vaccination requirements are appearing in sectors such as software development and marketing that typically didn’t mandate vaccines.
As of August 7, the share of job postings per million that require vaccinations were up 90% compared to a month earlier.

The rise of never-ending job interviews (Read @ BBC Worklife)
Some companies are asking candidates to attend multiple interviews. But too many rounds could be a red flag – and even drive candidates away.

Out of Sight But Top of Mind: How to Create a Level Playing Field for Remote Employees (Read @ LinkedIn)
You have two employees — one whose desk is steps away from your office and another who works remotely and is seen mostly via video conferences. Which one is more diligent, productive, and reliable?

Remote Work Is All Gen Z Knows. But Are They Satisfied? (Read @ Time)
Lizzie Schmidt has never worked in a real office, had her own desk or been to a happy hour with colleagues. At 22 years old, the Greenwich, Conn., native and recent graduate of Elon University is part of a generation of newly-minted workers taking their first steps into the working world virtually.

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