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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Webinar Recording: Fast & Thorough Background Screening with Verified First & iRecruit

Background Screening Improves Quality of Hire - iRecruit (1)
iRecruit took part in a webinar with our background screening partner, Verified First, earlier this month, exploring how your organization can make recruiting and hiring decisions with ease. Verified First provides one of the quickest and most efficient background and drug screening services on the market today.

‘Throwing résumés into the void’: Job seekers describe the frustration of sending hundreds of applications and having nothing to show for it (Read @ Business Insider)
Tim Glaza’s résumé is just about as good as it gets. An Eagle Scout, Glaza graduated last year with honors and a degree in operations and supply-chain management, plus real-world experience from an internship where he tackled a company’s $13 million problem.

Applying for a job? A new Connecticut law requires the employer to tell you how much it pays (Read @ Hartford Courant)
Employers are required to tell applicants how much a job pays under a Connecticut law that takes effect Friday, breaking from standard practice that gives employers discretion in disclosing the salary at different times in the hiring process.

3 Common Mistakes That Can Disrupt the Candidate Experience (Read @ Lead with Indeed)
When it comes to recruiting top talent, some things are unlikely to change. Ensuring a positive experience for talent interested in your company is a constant for attracting the right candidates. But the strategy for how you deliver a great candidate experience shouldn’t stay the same — it needs to change with the times.

Best Practices for Using iRecruit TXT
Texting is a convenient and easy way to reach someone, and is available to all iRecruit users who would like to incorporate texting into their recruiting tools. iRecruit TXT allows users to initiate conversations with applicants directly from the applicant’s profile page. iRecruit users can have a faster time to fill by using texting.

How small businesses can broaden their appeal to Gen Z employees (Read @ Quartz)
Youth may be wasted on the young, as the saying goes. But the youth of today’s teens and 20somethings, commonly known as Generation Z, could prove very useful for small businesses desperate to find new employees.

Why Should Recruiters Write Job Postings? (Read @ ERE)
Have you ever ordered groceries online? I can’t allow that level of trust with a stranger. They aren’t going to compare prices and make sure I get the best deal. They don’t know that I would swap broccoli for green beans, but only if the broccoli is on sale and it doesn’t look like it’s melting in the bottom of the produce stand. I’m a little neurotic about groceries, but that’s not the point.

The ‘overemployed’ workers juggling remote jobs (Read @ BBC Worklife)
As many knowledge workers have been remote for nearly two years, out of their manager’s line of vision, an increasing number of people are quietly taking on second full-time positions. Home-based set-ups have enabled workers to secretly do two remote jobs at once – and some workers are banking hundreds of thousands of extra dollars per year.


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