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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Introduction to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit [Video]

Did you know 10-15% of all your new hires may make your company eligible for a tax credit? If they fall under one of ten target groups of individuals who typically face barriers to finding employment, you may be eligible for a tax credit of $2,400. iRecruit, can provide this integrated Work Opportunity Tax Credit screening service to identify qualified individuals.

Is the stellar talent you’re looking for right under your nose? (Read @ Fast Company)
Everywhere I go, business leaders and managers tell me about the serious talent shortages they are facing—more severe than any time in decades. Employees are in much greater demand than supply in nearly every industry in nearly every region. Some suggest finding “hidden talent” by tapping nontraditional talent pools including older workers, workers with disabilities, military veterans, and formerly incarcerated people.

A record 4.3 million workers walked off the job in August (Read @ NBC News)
The number of job openings in August took a breather from the record highs it had been notching in recent months, but a record 4.3 million workers walked off the job, according to the federal Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary.

5 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed the Candidate Experience (Read @ LinkedIn)
World-changing events like a global pandemic alter how people view their lives, careers, and plans for the future. This is playing out in big ways, like widespread resignations and radical career transitions.

employer says candidates must accept the job if it’s offered (Read @ Ask a Manager)
I was referred to a job posting in my industry. While I am happily employed, it was definitely something I would consider. However, the posting ended with the line, “It is understood that any candidate applying for a full-time position will accept employment. Please do not apply if you do not plan to accept full-time employment, should it be offered.”

Why do cover letters still exist? (Read @ BBC Worklife)
Job applications are not fun, but most parts of the process seem to be a necessary evil. Proofread your CV, prepare for a marathon of interviews, send a thank-you email after each one. Yet, one step of the employment application process seems curiously outdated: composing a cover letter.

Report: Urgent Job Postings Grow for Seasonal Jobs (Read @ Lead with Indeed)
In the blink of an eye, fall is here and the weather is getting cooler, which means it’s time to start thinking about seasonal hiring. No matter whether you’re hiring retail workers, customer service associates or a professional Santa Claus, seasonal hiring will look different this year.

There Is No Labor Shortage (At Least, Not the Way You Think) (Read @ ERE)
Businesses across the country are struggling to open back up because they just can’t find people to hire. Meanwhile, more Americans quit in May than any other month this century.

Jobs Friday: Where are all the older workers? (Read/Listen @ NPR)
Friday’s jobs report showed lackluster improvement in overall hiring in the U.S., adding a modest 194,000 jobs. At the same time there’s a labor mystery afoot: where have all the silver haired workers gone? Despite a lot of open jobs, there are close to a million and a half unemployed seniors looking for work.


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