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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

A worker in Florida applied to 60 entry-level jobs in September and got one interview (Read @ Business Insider)
Joey Holz recalled first hearing complaints about a labor shortage last year when he called to donate convalescent plasma at a clinic near Fort Myers, Florida.

Correcting Mistakes on New Hire Forms
Occasionally, a new hire or applicant will be assigned forms, and will make a mistake on an important form, and will want to correct it as quickly as possible. It might be as simple as entering today’s date instead of a birth date for example.

6 Simple Hiring Policies That Will Boost Diversity (Read @ Glassdoor)
When thinking about systemic injustices that affect underrepresented groups, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the colossal task of dismantling deeply entrenched patterns and practices. But take comfort knowing that change will never happen based on any single gesture, no matter its magnitude or impact; instead, it will come with the aggregated power of incremental gains.

How to Save Thousands of Hours of Back End Work With Your Next Hire (Read @ Inc.)
A lot of businesses are hiring right now, and I hear from owners every day who are struggling to find the right fit or rushing through the hiring process in order to fill empty spots on their team.

Why rejection stings so hard for internal job applicants (Read @ Quartz at Work)
A little-known fact about King Lear is that many of its monologues double perfectly as speeches to recite in the mirror when you’ve just been passed over for a promotion. Consider one famous scene in which Edmund, born out of wedlock, compares the injustice of the way he’s treated compared to his legitimate half-brother:

5 Ways to Reduce Bias When Screening Candidates — and Find More Talent (Read @ LinkedIn)
With the soaring demand to find talent, recruiters are under more pressure than ever to attract qualified candidates and fill positions quickly. But with this need for speed, there’s also a greater risk that unconscious bias will creep into the screening process.

Why hiring takes so long (Read @ BBC Worklife)
There’s an urgency to hiring, for both parties involved. Once they apply, workers want to get into new jobs quickly, to start earning their salaries and snap into the rhythm of a novel position.

The Great Resignation Is Accelerating (Read @ The Atlantic)
In April, the number of workers who quit their job in a single month broke an all-time U.S. record. Economists called it the “Great Resignation.” But America’s quittin’ spirit was just getting started. In July, even more people left their job. In August, quitters set yet another record. That Great Resignation? It just keeps getting greater.


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