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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads A Look Back at the top stories of 2021

Happy Friday, and Happy New Year! Two of the biggest themes of this year were “the great resignation” caused by the pandemic, and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Let’s take a look at this year’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

All About The Great Resignation

Why It’s So Hard to Keep and Recruit Employees Right Now (Read @ MIT Sloan)

The Most Important Thing Your Company Can Do to Get and Keep Talent (Read @ Inc.)

Why service workers are so burned out (Read @ BBC Worklife)

The Great Realization Should Change How We Hire (Read @ Lead with Indeed)

Research: Why Rejected Internal Candidates End Up Quitting (Harvard Business Review)

In the Middle of the Great Resignation, Employers Are Rejecting Millions of Qualified Workers, New Harvard Research Finds (Read @ Inc.)

All About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

4 Common Ways Companies Alienate People with Disabilities (Read @ HBR)

8 Go-To Strategies for Sourcing Underrepresented Talent (Read @ LinkedIn)

The workers keeping their disabilities secret (Read @ BBC Worklife)

Jobs Friday: Where are all the older workers? (Read/Listen @ NPR)

I Have MS. Would Your Company Hire or Recognize Me?’ (Read @ TLNT)

We hire the formerly incarcerated—and it’s the key to our success (Read @ Fast Company)

How Eliminating Degree Requirements Can Save You Time, Money, and Turnover (Read @ LinkedIn Talent)

How to Provide an LGBTQ-Friendly Candidate Experience (Read @ ERE)

We Can’t Ask Your Age in This Job Interview, but Please Take This Quiz About Rotary Phones (Read @ The New Yorker)


Everything Else:

The 37-Year-Olds Are Afraid of the 23-Year-Olds Who Work for Them (Read @ New York Times)

5 Things the Better.com CEO Did Wrong When He Fired 900 People–Over Zoom (Read @ Inc.)

It’s Hard Being a Recruiter Right Now — This Woman Speaks Up About It (Read @ LinkedIn)

A worker in Florida applied to 60 entry-level jobs in September and got one interview (Read @ Business Insider)

Robots are hiding 27 million workers from employers who need them (Read @ MarketWatch)

How to Ask Job Candidates if They Are Vaccinated (Read @ Evil HR Lady via Inc.)

how do I reject a difficult internal applicant? (Read @ Ask a Manager)

The ‘overemployed’ workers juggling remote jobs (Read @ BBC Worklife)

What Amazon’s $18 average hourly wage means for other employers (Read @ Quartz)

Chaotic search for a new ‘Jeopardy!’ host is a lesson in hidden hiring biases (Read @ Washington Post)

Disgruntled HR executive trashed personnel files and deleted 17,000 resumes after being fired — now faces up to 15 years in prison (Read @ Market Watch)

Is the entry-level job going extinct? (Read @ QZ at Work)

Why Recruiters Leave Recruiting (Read @ ERE)

LinkedIn to add ‘stay-at-home parent,’ other titles for users who left workforce (Read @ HR Dive)

Your Company’s Pay Gap Is About More Than Money (Read @ Harvard Business Review)




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