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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:



how do I balance my labor shortage sympathy with annoyance at the inconvenience it causes? (Read @ Ask a Manager)
I support workers 100% in organizing for better conditions and wages, whether by leaving their jobs or organizing for better treatment either via a formal union or collective bargaining. I applaud the people doing this right now and making the job market more employee-focused than employer-focused. But … it kinda sucks in a practical way.

3 Common Mistakes That Can Disrupt the Candidate Experience (Read @ Lead with Indeed)
When it comes to recruiting top talent, some things are unlikely to change. Ensuring a positive experience for talent interested in your company is a constant for attracting the right candidates. But the strategy for how you deliver a great candidate experience shouldn’t stay the same — it needs to change with the times.

Will workers continue to pay a price for flexibility? (Read @ BBC Worklife)
It’s almost hard to remember a time before the pandemic when working flexibly was the exception, rather than the norm. Whether flexibility meant keeping different hours to the normal 9-to-5 structure or the ability to work outside the office, those whose jobs were structured atypically stuck out as different to their colleagues.

Candidates With Transferable Skills: Why They May Be the Right Fit (Read @ Monster)
Nothing is more frustrating for a hiring manager than feeling like there just aren’t any applicants out there with the skills you need. But what if a faulty hiring process is getting in the way of your ability to identify good-fit candidates with valuable transferable skills?

Welcoming Back Formerly Retired Workers Can Help Remedy Your Labor Crunch. Just Don’t Forget the Buddy System (Read @ Inc.)
To contend with ongoing labor shortages, businesses are increasingly tapping a vast source of talent: retirees. The onset of the pandemic hastened the retirements of many 60-somethings, who are now considering a return to the workforce–much like the boomerang workers, who, after quitting their jobs during the Great Resignation, have returned to their previous employer.

Rising wages and other US hiring trends to expect in 2022 (Read @ QZ)
No matter which way you slice it, 2021 was a tough year. It was hard for managers, keeping teams motivated. It was hard for staffers, just showing up. It was hard if you were a parent. It was hard if you were an essential worker. And, well, was there anyone it wasn’t hard for?

We skipped resumes and sourced candidates directly from online communities like Discord (Read @ Fast Company)
This past summer, in the midst of raising funding for our second company, my cofounder Yann and I were immediately faced with a major obstacle: We had to hire a team of six people ASAP, in the midst of the Great Resignation.

¾ of Employers Fail to Seek Candidate Feedback (Read @ ERE)
I don’t know if your candidates’ experience is great or terrible. And you might not know either. Research shows that only 26% of companies are frequently gathering feedback about their recruiting process.


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