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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

The 3 questions this CEO uses to weed out jerks (Read @ TED)
Like most employers, Chieh Huang isn’t interested in hiring people who are overly rigid or who know it all. So he’s created a handful of questions to help identify them.

Creating A More Efficient Hiring Process with iRecruit and iConnect
When someone is hired, traditionally they would come in to the HR office for their orientation day, and filled out a whole bunch of new hire paperwork. It would take a few hours, and if you had more than one new start at a time, it could be very time consuming for the HR department.

Driving Quality Candidates in an Increasingly Competitive Job Market (Read @ Indeed)
With each new job post, you’re getting lots of candidates. The only problem? They aren’t the right candidate for the role.

4 Things That Will Instantly Attract Job Candidates to Your Company, Backed by Research (Read @ Inc.)
Roughly 47 million people quit their jobs last year as part of “the Great Resignation.” Hiring trends this year are beginning to mimic those of 2021, causing many employers to wonder: will 2022 be déjà vu?

There’s one job perk more popular than a four-day workweek (Read @ QZ)
In the US, a new survey found that an astonishing 92% of workers like the idea of working four 10-hour days every week, instead of five days per week for eight hours.

How climate change is re-shaping the way Gen Z works (Read @ BBC Worklife)
Younger workers have higher eco-anxiety than those who’ve come before them. It’s affecting where they can – and will – work.

4 signs of a worthy entry-level job (Read @ Fast Company)
Here’s a number to wrap your head around: According to Statista Research Department, by the last business day of December 2021, there were about 10.93 million job openings in the United States.

How to Cultivate Referrals From Rejected Candidates (Read @ ERE)
Employee referrals are a cornerstone of any sound talent acquisition strategy, especially when upwards of 20%+ of your hires come from referrals. But what about candidate referrals, those made by individuals in your talent pipeline who don’t even get hired?


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