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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

The Benefits of Using Texting to Reach Out to Candidates
iRecruit TXT is iRecruit’s texting feature, now available to all customers. Text candidates efficiently using built-in templates, creating a record of the conversation.

Indeed Will No Longer Exempt Large Employers From Salary Transparency Policy (Read @ ERE)
If you’ve been posting jobs on Indeed, you might have noticed a change: Starting on July 18, according to a press release from Indeed, almost every position on the U.S. Indeed site now has a salary — either entered by the recruiter or estimated by Indeed’s algorithm (as long as Indeed has enough data to provide a salary estimate).

Why You Should Hire “Unqualified” Candidates (Read @ Evil HR Lady)
It may be your baby, and you would like to think it’s perfect, but the reality is, your company is just average. There are good things and bad things. Maybe it’s slightly above average, maybe slightly below. But the chances of your company being in the top 10 percent of companies to work for are pretty slim.

To Make Better Hires, Learn What Predicts Success (Read @ Harvard Business Review)
The current talent struggles of U.S. companies are hardly a new trend. A PwC survey dating 15 years back cited that 93% of CEOs recognized the need to change their strategy for attracting and retaining talent. If organizations have been trying to improve their hiring outcomes for so long, then why are so many still struggling?

The Great Resignation Skipped Us. Here’s why. (Read @ SHRM)
Even with a looming shift in the tide and a potential recession, employers must consider issues once left to the margins or only addressed by the most forward-thinking organizations, like mental health and wellness resources, pay transparency and how and why we bring staff together.

let’s talk about workers taking power back for themselves (Read @ Ask a Manager)
Whether it’s the Great Resignation or “quiet quitting” or job candidates ghosting companies after years of companies ghosting them, it’s clear that something has shifted in the balance of power between employers and employees.

Job Rejection Emails: Are They Necessary (Read @ HR Bartender)
I saw an article on Lifehacker recently titled, “How You Should Respond to a Job Rejection Email”. The article was focused on whether candidates should send a response to a job rejection from a company.

6 Job Description Examples — and What Makes Them Effective (Read @ LinkedIn)
Here’s the bad news: 99% of job descriptions are painfully long and boring. Here’s the good news: 99% of job descriptions are painfully long and boring.

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