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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

iRecruit Becomes a Sage Technology Partner
iRecruit Cost Management Services, LLC (CMS) has become a Sage Technology Partner. Our applicant tracking, recruiting, and remote onboarding software, iRecruit, is now available to all Sage HRMS customers.

How Verified First Helps Organizations Transform from Good to Great (Read @ Verified First)
Our purpose is to make companies great by helping them make effective hiring decisions. We’re breaking down how we achieve this goal by highlighting who we are, what we do, and how Verified First remains your one-stop shop for all background screening needs.

Get Ready for Fall Hiring with iRecruit
Getting ready to ramp up your hiring again? At iRecruit, applicant tracking and electronic onboarding software, during demos we’re often asked questions related to candidate attraction and engagement. So we put together this helpful list:

Why Economists Are Talking About ‘Labor Hoarding’ and What You Need to Know About It (Read @ Inc.)
A who’s who of economists just added a reason to the long list that explains why you’re having such a hard time hiring right now: A phenomenon called “labor hoarding.” Rather than laying off employees during these uncertain economic times, companies are hanging onto talent. What gives?

11 Ways Companies Can Address Workforce Shortages (Read @ SHRM)
With immigration to the U.S. being at its lowest levels in decades, what is one thing companies can do to fill critical or high-skilled job openings?

Your Recruiting Team Needs Team Development (Read @ HR Bartender)
I read an article from Josh Bersin recently talking about how “Recruiting is Harder Than It Looks: 74% of Companies Underperform”. One of the reasons that I believe recruiting functions could be underperforming is because organizations don’t view the people who have direct contact with the recruiting process as a team. As a result, they don’t give them team development.

If You Want This Job, We Must Interview You Forever (Read @ The New Yorker)
Dear Applicant, Thank you for applying for the user-interface-ninja position at Bubble App. We are pleased to invite you to a preliminary Zoom interview with our hiring manager, Megan Reynolds. Please click here to schedule a time. We look forward to speaking with you!

The High Unemployment Rate for People With Disabilities (Read @ ERE)
Recent research shows that “just 23.1% of people with disabilities were employed in the U.S. workforce. This compares with the 68.2% employment rate of those without disabilities.



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