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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Get Ready for Fall Hiring with iRecruit
Getting ready to ramp up your hiring again? At iRecruit, applicant tracking and electronic onboarding software, during demos we’re often asked questions related to candidate attraction and engagement. So we put together this helpful list

Why We Can’t Quit Talking About Quiet Quitting (Read @ LinkedIn)
The viral trend of the summer, “quiet quitting” has been anything but quiet — and some would argue that it’s not even a trend. What started as a 17-second TikTok meditation on hustle culture has quickly become the latest battlefront between employees and their bosses.

Canada’s real problem is not job losses, it’s the rush to retire (Read @ Reuters)
More than a year after the Great Resignation took hold in the United States, Canada is grappling with its own greyer version: The Great Retirement.

iRecruit Becomes a Sage Technology Partner
iRecruit Cost Management Services, LLC (CMS) has become a Sage Technology Partner. Our applicant tracking, recruiting, and remote onboarding software, iRecruit, is now available to all Sage HRMS customers.

‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ and More Phrases That Can Scare Away Job Applicants (Read @ Wall Street Journal)
When Becky Phillips has looked for work, one phrase in job ads has turned her away from applying to otherwise promising-sounding opportunities: “fast-paced environment.”

10 Toxic Phrases in Your Job Description That Turn Off Candidates (Read @ Inc.)
Having trouble finding quality applicants for the open position on your team? The wording in your job posting may be to blame. Commonly used phrases that may sound innocuous to employers can actually have a negative connotation with job seekers and even dissuade them from applying.

The Healthcare Industry Has A Talent Crisis: We Found The Cure. (Read @ Josh Bersin)
We just completed a massive study of the talent and HR challenges in healthcare, and the findings are astounding. And there is a lot to learn from this industry.

Workers Actively Want Employers to Engage in Fair-Chance Hiring (Read @ Lead with Indeed)
Job seekers who have been involved with the criminal legal system — or justice-impacted job seekers — can find themselves faced with closed doors and limited options. The decision not to hire people with a criminal record is commonly made by employers supposedly in the name of safety, and out of concerns other employees will object.

Family Businesses Have a Talent-Acquisition Advantage (Read @ Harvard Business Review)
As family businesses look to prioritize growth, they must remain laser-focused on levers that will move their businesses forward, even in the face of economic uncertainty and global challenges.

Latest Findings on Giving Feedback to Candidates Show Missed Opportunities (Read @ ERE)
For today’s job candidates, getting employers to offer feedback during the recruiting process is almost as hard as getting them to offer a job. Come to think of it, snagging a job offer is probably easier in the current market.


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