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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

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Competing in the New Talent Market (Read @ Harvard Business Review)
Many business leaders are asking when the workplace will get back to normal. If by normal, they mean “2019,” the short answer is “never.” And that might be a good thing. Blame, or credit, Covid-19.

The Most Problematic Interview Question May Also Be the Most Common (Read @ LinkedIn)
It’s the most frequently asked interview question, right up there with: “Tell me about yourself.” It’s often the first question a candidate is asked — and in multiple interviews. It sounds harmless, but it can set in motion a whole series of problems. “Jordan, why are you interested in our company (or this role)?”

How Much Should — and Shouldn’t — You Engage Hiring Managers? (Read @ ERE)
Even the most efficient, buttoned-up hiring process will struggle to produce timely hiring if all the moving pieces fail to align. The best any recruiting team can do is manage those elements within their control and hope for the best.

Tim Cook says there are 4 traits he looks for in Apple employees: ‘It’s been a very good formula for us’ (Read @ CNBC)
Tim Cook doesn’t spend his days reviewing resumes — but in his 11-year stint as Apple’s CEO, he’s determined what it takes to thrive at the company.

Lego Uses 5 Words in Its Job Descriptions to Attract the Right Type of People. It’s a Stroke of Genius (Read @ Inc.)
If you lead a company that makes one of the most beloved toys in the world — like, say, Lego — you probably think a lot about the specific type of person you want working for you. Presumably, you want people who are creative and have a strong sense of play.

Why Flexible Work Is Key in the Post-Pandemic Business World (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
When the pandemic first hit, many businesses switched to remote work arrangements overnight, and millions of employees were introduced to the idea of flexible work for the first time. Once a large portion of the workforce got a taste of remote and hybrid work, compressed workweeks, shorter hours, flex hours, and more, they didn’t want to go back to the office full time.

Some remote workers are doing two jobs at once. They say it’s fair. (Read @ Washington Post)
Working multiple jobs is nothing new. With minimum wage lagging far behind the cost of living in the United States, many workers make ends meet through a patchwork of full- and part-time jobs — some working freelance gigs that add up to more than 40 hours a week without the benefits of full-time employee status.

Gen Z is pushing to end unpaid internships: “‘We really need to retire this attitude of ‘It was hard for me so it’s going to be hard for you.’” (Read @ Fortune)
The value of an internship is unmistakable. It teaches marketable skills, it builds professional networks, and it helps students test-drive careers. But the benefits are not available to all: Close to half of all internships are unpaid, putting them out of reach for students who need wages to keep up with their bills, even if the work has nothing to do with their intended careers.


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