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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

What’s in Store for Talent Acquisition in 2023? (Read @ SHRM)
The last few years have been a wild ride when thinking about how, when, and even why we work. As we look to 2023, we are offering predictions on how the workplace will evolve.

The four-day workweek is new standard for 40% of companies, EY survey finds (Read @ CNBC)
A cooling economy, rising mortgage rates and mass layoffs have done little to dampen executive demand for expanded office presence and increased flexibility for office workers, a new report from Ernst and Young found.

should I get rid of remote work because our in-office staff thinks it’s unfair? (Read @ Ask a Manager)
Now that our office has been reopened to the public, our Farm Services division has a rotating work-from-home/in-office schedule where staff work in the office for two weeks, then have two weeks working from home.

How to Use Texting with iRecruit
Texting is available to all iRecruit customers who would like to incorporate texting into their arsenal of recruiting tools. iRecruit TXT allows users to initiate conversations with applicants directly from the applicant’s profile page.

Are Employers Acting in Bad Faith With Unrealistic Salary Ranges? (Read @ ERE)
New York City’s new law requiring job postings to have salary ranges went into effect earlier this month, and the response was stunning. Stunningly awful in many cases.

3 Ways Coded Language is Costing You Applicants (Read @ LinkedIn)
Job postings are often the first interaction job seekers have with your brand and may be your only opportunity to engage a given candidate. You need to make a great impression, especially if you want the most in-demand talent to apply.

Indeed’s Radical New Shift in Pricing Policy (Read @ ERE)
Earlier this year, Indeed made a significant change in what information it gives candidates — that all job postings must have salary ranges even if the employer doesn’t want that. And now the job board is implementing another significant change: a shift from a pay-per-click to a pay-per-application pricing plan.

Job Seeker Interest in Holiday Jobs Up 33% from 2021 (Read @ Hiring Lab)
Job seeker interest in holiday work is heating up after two lukewarm years. As of September 30, holiday-related seasonal job searches on Indeed as a share of total job searches (see Methodology) reached its highest level since 2019.



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