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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Customize the iConnect Welcome Email to Candidates
All of iRecruit’s outgoing messages can be tailored with your own verbiage, including the message to incoming new hires.

3 workplace trends Gen Z is driving (Read @ Glassdoor)
Our economic research explored how this vocal, emerging generation is shaping and changing the workplace. If you’re looking to hire from this cohort, you’ll want to pay attention to these trends, as Gen Z’s demands have the potential to change up the experience for all employees.

Gen Z came to ‘slay.’ Their bosses don’t know what that means. (Read @ Washington Post)
When 24-year-old Mary Clare Wall read a message that said her colleague would be “out of pocket,” she and her young co-workers giggled.

4 Steps to improve candidate communication (read @ Quartz)
I’m always surprised when a job applicant showed appreciation for basic updates throughout the hiring process. We were doing little more than keeping them in the loop about where we stood, our next steps, and if our timeline had to change—things we considered basic.

People Are Sharing Their Most Awkward Job Interview Stories (Read @ Yahoo)
As someone who’s been fairly inconsistently employed for the past decade or so, I’ve had my fair share of awkward job interviews.

‘What I Learned Examining 1,000 Employer Brand Posts’ (Read @ ERE)
I just completed an analysis of almost 1,000 social-media employer-brand posts at 100 companies. (focusing on LinkedIn). While these organizations are making a lot of highly specific and individual choices about how they tell their stories to prospects and candidates, a number of trends emerged.

Men are dropping out of the workforce. Here’s why (Watch @ CNN)
The labor force participation rate for men ages 30 – 44 is lower than it was pre-pandemic while more women in that age group are participating at a higher rate than pre-pandemic. CNN’s Vanessa Yurkevich takes a look at why.

What to know about salary trends in 2023 (Read @ HR Executive)
Compensation is always an important part of the employer arsenal, but in 2023, that might be more true than ever. Fueled by a confluence of factors—rising inflation and changing employee expectations among them—HR leaders are planning to turn to larger-than-usual salary increases in 2023, data indicates.


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