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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

How widespread could the four-day workweek really be? (Read @ BBC Worklife)
Many trials of the shortened workweek have shown positive results. It’s an increasingly viable solution for some firms – but for others, this new set-up won’t be on the table.

Avoid These Job Posting Mistakes to Widen Your Talent Pool (Read @ Lead with Indeed)
Employers today can’t afford to turn away any qualified job seekers. Yet a dated approach to job postings could be narrowing your talent pool more than you realize — even undermining efforts to build a diverse, inclusive workplace.

How to Test If  Your Interview Process Is a Nightmare (Read @ ERE)
Perhaps you’ve seen the recent Vox article filled with real-life stories of nightmare hiring processes. The painful stories range from two-month-long interview processes, requiring references to complete a 15-minute questionnaire, six interviews with nine people, and the list goes on.

WOTC Wednesday: Why Use a WOTC Screening Service Instead of Doing It Yourself
CMS’s Brian Kelly answers your questions about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

do I really need to send a thank-you note after being rejected for a job? (Read @ Ask a Manager)
A reader writes What is your feeling about sending thank-you notes after you have been rejected for a job? I don’t see the point. It feels a little obsequious for my tastes. But why would I thank someone for not giving me a job?

Wave of Job-Switching Has Employers on a Training Treadmill (Read @ New York Times)
The rise in turnover since the pandemic started has a cost in productivity: “It’s taking longer to get stuff out the door.”

America’s Greatest Threat is Lack of Labor! (Read @ The Tim Sackett Project)
Businesses, big and small are desperate currently for workers. Low-skill, semi-skilled, people who have no skill but are willing to be trained. The hourly rate is anywhere between $12-22/hr.

Bridging the Skills Gap and Investing in Human Capital (Read @ SHRM Blog)
Whether you work in for-profit or in nonprofit like me, your organization may be preparing for a recession. That means making difficult decisions that make the most sense for long-term business success. As costs go up, you may feel the stress of budget cuts, especially at year-end.


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