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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Reminder – DHS Ends Form I-9 Requirement Flexibility (Read @ USCIS I-9 Central)
COVID-19 temporary flexibilities for Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, will end on July 31, 2023. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently announced that employers must complete in-person physical document inspections for employees whose documents were inspected remotely during the temporary flexibilities by August 30, 2023.

Reach More Job Candidates with Texting (iRecruit TXT)
iRecruit TXT is available to all iRecruit customers who would like to incorporate texting into their complement of recruiting tools. iRecruit TXT enables users to initiate conversations with applicants directly from the applicant’s profile page. iRecruit users can have a faster time to fill by using texting.

How the ‘perfect’ job candidate has changed (Read @ BBC Worklife)
Traditionally, the ‘ideal’ candidate had a strong pedigree and specific technical skills. But now, recruiters may be more flexible on these strict requirements.

The Most Awkward Part of the Hiring Process (Read @ ERE)
And they lived happily ever after. That’s how fairy tales typically end. The problem is, people sometimes expect the same ending when it comes to the hiring process.

May 2023 US Labor Market Update: A Cooler Summer Awaits Seasonal Job Seekers (Read @ Indeed Hiring Lab)
While the US labor market remains resilient, characterized by strong labor demand and low joblessness, a cooldown in internship and summer job postings relative to recent years is the most recent example of an ongoing and gradual slowdown overall.

The Forever Labor Shortage (Read @ Business Insider)
Ever since the pandemic, American companies big and small have been scrambling to find enough workers to stay fully staffed. They’ve been forced to offer big salaries and generous perks, while employees were free to shop around for better offers or simply walk off the job to join the Great Resignation.

How Recruiting Has Changed in the Past 20 Years, According to 5 Talent Leaders (Read @ LinkedIn)
LinkedIn recently turned 20 and that got us thinking about how the world’s changed in the past two decades. Back in 2003, 50 Cent topped the Billboard charts; Beyoncé launched her first solo album; Cristiano Ronaldo made his debut for Manchester United; and the film  Chicago won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Posting Ghost Jobs is dangerous: 7 better ways to recruit great talent (Read @ HR Morning)
HR pros — even if it seems like a savvy business move, avoid this: Advertise jobs that don’t exist. They’re Ghost Jobs. And criticism of the trend has quickly followed.

What these 4-day workweek CEOs look for in new hires: ‘We really need people who check their egos’ (Read @ CNBC)
The four-day workweek is becoming the norm for more and more workers. Results from a six-month, 2022 study of 61 companies and nearly 3,000 workers who implemented it found that both productivity and morale improved.

7 Questions Tough Job Candidates Will Ask. Be Prepared (Read @ Inc.)
The days of people accepting a job–any job–are long past. People have options and don’t want to join companies that don’t match their goals and values. If you complain that “no one wants to work,” well, get in line with great-great-grandpa, who complained about that in 1894.


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