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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

2023 Background Screening Trends Webinar with iRecruit & Verified First

Verified First Background Screening Guide

With new screening providers and solutions flooding the market, staying ahead of trends to effectively evaluate providers and solutions is becoming remarkably more challenging.

The 4 Biggest Barriers to Getting Applications in your Applicant Tracking Software
These are some of the most common complaints or reasons that someone who sees your job advertisement will just keep on scrolling.

HR remains focused on hiring, even as recruiting pace slows (Read @ HR Dive)
Job postings on Indeed are falling but remain elevated as compared with pre-pandemic levels, with several measures indicating that demand for workers is still high, according to a July 27 report from Indeed’s Hiring Lab.

The Great Resignation is ‘over’. What does that mean? (Read @ BBC Worklife)
A years-long period of record-high quits rocked the workforce in ways we couldn’t have imagined. But the mass exodus is done, say experts.

The Surprising Endurance of Signing Bonuses (Read @ ERE)
In June, just shy of 5% of U.S. job postings cited signing bonuses. This is down from last September’s high of 5.6% of posts, but it is considerably higher than the pre-pandemic average of 1.8%.

Your résumé isn’t the only thing popular job sites evaluate (Read @ Washington Post)
Troy George wanted to find a job as a manufacturing plant manager, so he went on several job sites including ZipRecruiter. But the site sent him notifications for secretarial jobs, janitorial positions and management roles at places with actual living plants.

How Do I Tell Job Applicants Their Parents Are Hurting Their Chances? (Read @ Inc.)
A lot of our applicants are young graduates, ranging from 18 to 21. Younger candidates parents call on their behalf, asking why an application is taking so long, why they didn’t get a particular shift, etc.

Why These Talent Leaders Are Pushing Back On Gen Z Workplace Stereotypes (Read @ LinkedIn)
Maybe you’ve heard: Gen Zers are entitled and have outlandish demands when it comes to work. Oh, and they may also be lazy to boot.
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