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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

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In push for workers, Minnesota ends degree requirements for most state jobs (Read @ HR Dive)
Minnesota is the latest state to end degree requirements for the vast majority of state government jobs. Gov. Tim Waltz on Monday signed Executive Order 23-14, focused on improving access to and retention within state employment.

Conversation Starter: Prospective Employer ‘Ghosting’ More than Doubles Since Before the COVID-19 Pandemic (Read @ Glassdoor)
Ahead of Halloween, here’s a bone-chilling stat: the total share of interview reviews on Glassdoor that mention ghosting have more than doubled (+112 percent) since before the pandemic began. In October, 3.1 percent of interview reviews submitted on Glassdoor mention ghosting, up 7 percent year-over-year.

5 Steps for Auditing the Candidate Experience (Read @ HR bartender)
Since the candidate experience involves more than just the recruiter, hiring manager, and the interview, the entire experience needs to be reviewed. Here are five steps for auditing the candidate experience.

What holiday hiring efforts look like in 2023 (Read @ Retail Dive)
Holiday sales growth is expected to slow again this year, and seasonal hiring may follow suit. In anticipation of softer sales, employers may pull back on their typical holiday hiring sprees, according to a September analysis by Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Is Artificial Intelligence Adopting Recruiting’s Worst Practices? (Read @ ERE)
AI is taking over recruiting and making everything better. Or AI is taking over recruiting and making everything worse. Note this recent post from Reddit’s r/recruitinghell: “Recruiter admitted today he cannot find anyone to hire because companies are rejecting all the qualified candidates based on AI.

Indeed’s AI at Work Report: The People Behind the Jobs GenAI is Most- and Least-Poised to Change — A Look at Age, Gender, and Race (Read @ Indeed Hiring Lab)
Since every job faces some amount of exposure to potential change as generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) tools become more widespread, then every worker in those jobs also faces some potential exposure. But who a worker is — their age, gender and/or race — is not nearly as big an indicator in determining the level of their potential exposure to GenAI as what that worker does.

Why Would Workers Return to a Former Employer? (Read @ Psychology Today)
Post-Covid, there has been a lot of media attention to what is being called “the Great Resignation”—workers leaving their jobs to look for better or different employment options. This includes changing career paths, returning to school to ready oneself for a new career, and leaving steady employment to join the “gig economy.”

Promotions Can Increase Employees’ Risk of Job Hopping (Read @ SHRM)
It’s pleasing to think that promotions lead to happier employees and higher retention—and data generally shows this is true. But there’s also a significant risk that your newly promoted talent will soon be walking out the door.


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