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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Six Ways to Use Texting with iConnect
iRecruit TXT is available to all iRecruit customers who would like to integrate texting into their recruiting tools. iRecruit TXT enables users to initiate private conversations with candidates directly from the applicant profile page. iRecruit users can have a faster time to fill by using texting.

Indeed Hiring Lab: 5 Trends That Will Make or Break the 2024 Labor Market (Read @ Indeed)
Could the 2024 labor market maintain the strength of 2023? Indeed Hiring Lab economists say yes — that is, if five specific conditions are met.

If Hiring Is a Team Sport, We Need to Give Hiring Managers Feedback (Read @ LinkedIn)
Hiring is a team sport. Savvy recruiting leaders and recruiters who want to reinforce this partnership are doing something unusual. In addition to surveying hiring managers to get feedback on recruiting effectiveness, they’re now surveying recruiters to get feedback on hiring manager effectiveness.

5 Small Nudges That Make Your Company Way More Welcoming to Diverse Talent (Read @ Inc.)
The Great Resignation may be well and truly over and the tech industry experiencing one of its occasional periods of pain and turmoil, but in a whole lot of industries hiring quality talent still remains incredibly hard.

In the age of public salary-range listings, some jobseekers feel duped (Read @ BBC Worklife)
In October, Mary submitted an online application for a communications job at a large multinational firm. She satisfied or exceeded all the requirements for the role, so she requested a figure in the top quartile of the salary range listed in the job description. Within 24 hours, Mary had been notified of her rejection with an automated email.

X, formerly Twitter, opens job search function to all users (Read @ HR Dive)
The feature, known as X Hiring, launched as a feature available only to verified organizations on X. At the time, owner Elon Musk positioned the platform as a direct competitor to Microsoft subsidiary LinkedIn.

Are You Using Your Company Data To Your Hiring Advantage? (Read @ Forbes)
Company data is often overlooked but can serve as the cornerstone of recruitment strategies. Predictive analytics powered by this data can optimize hiring cycles, increase employee retention rates and refine training needs.

Gen Z is set to surpass boomers in the workforce next year, and it will create a big cultural shift (Read @ Yahoo)
This is the dawning of the age of the Gen Z—to put a spin on a quote from a favored hippie song during boomers’ youth. “Let the sunshine in” and the boomers out, as they move on to their next chapter of retirement and the younger generations take over.

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