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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Viral Post Asks Why ‘Entry-Level’ Jobs Often Require Years of Experience (Read @ LinkedIn)
“One of the most frustrating parts of looking for entry-level jobs is the requirement to have 2-3 years experience in a related role,” aspiring digital marketing professional Braden Martin wrote in a LinkedIn post that has since gone viral.

5 Steps to Legal Success in Background Screening (Read @ Verified First)
Hiring new talent can be both exciting and stressful. Between identifying areas of need, budgeting for a new team member, and interviewing the best candidates, staying compliant through it all can seem like one more hoop to jump through. Even if it’s unintended, not practicing the compliant screening procedures can have a negative impact on your company.

Here’s how to retain employees during the ‘Great Resignation’ (Read @ World Economic Forum)
Managers are now navigating the ripple effects from the pandemic, as employees reevaluate their careers and leave their jobs in record numbers. Companies have a record number of open positions in the US, and according to a survey of 30,000 people across 31 countries, 41% of employees plan to leave their current jobs this year.

Can I add a training video in iConnect?
iRecruit customers with iConnect, electronic onboarding, can use video for new hires for training purposes, and for welcoming new hires. Customers can also add a quiz into the video page (or a separate page) to ask questions to make sure the new hire has actually watched the video, and understands its content.

‘Ghosting coasting’ is the latest labor challenge for employers, where under-qualified hires disappear before they can be fired (Read @ Business Insider)
Vanished. Left on read. Stood up. Ghosted. It has become a fact of modern social life that someone will — at some point — leave you hanging without any explanation. Odds are you’ve done the same to someone else.

Job seekers are putting their vaccination status on LinkedIn profiles and resumes: ‘It’s better to be over-qualified’ (Read @ Market Watch)
As someone who’s been working in the recruiting and talent acquisition industry for two decades, Dustin Mazanowski knows how important it is for job candidates to have “key words” on their profiles and resumes that quickly distinguish them from the pack.

interview with a person who responds to Glassdoor reviews for her company (Read @ Ask a Manager)
Last month, a reader mentioned that she’s in charge of writing her company’s response to Glassdoor reviews. I asked if she would be willing to tell us more about how that works, and she graciously agreed. Here’s our conversation.

Why Recruiters Need to Embrace Content Marketing (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
You may not think recruitment and marketing go hand in hand. But a huge piece of making sure your talent pool is stocked with the best and brightest is making sure your company is an attractive place to work. Therefore, recruitment and marketing need to play off one another.

Productivity Hacks and Insider Tips for Effective Recruiting (Read @ Lead With Indeed)
With the gradual return to prepandemic life and the growing need for workers, they have a greater responsibility when it comes to finding and hiring new talent. Whether conducting virtual or in-person interviews, recruiters are the key to bringing back the workforce — so how can they recruit more effectively?

Yesterday’s Advice on Candidate Experience Won’t Fix Today’s High-Volume Hiring Challenges (Read @ ERE)
If traditional recommendations about improving candidate experience worked to address current talent shortages, then you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. It will take a better strategy to achieve high-volume staffing objectives — one that challenges conventional approaches to redefine the very meaning of candidate experience for hourly workers.


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