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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

44 Projects to Keep Your Recruiters Busy Even During a Lull in Hiring (Read @ LinkedIn)
During a lull in hiring, focus your team on proactive projects to improve the candidate and employee experience. When hiring picks up your recruiters will have many experiences to share that will help applicants understand why they should want to work for your organization.

How LinkedIn Became a Place to Overshare (Read @ New York Times)
About three years ago, Joel Lalgee started posting on LinkedIn. He wrote about his personal life: the mental health challenges he faced as a teenager, and his life since. “Being able to share my story, I saw it as a way to connect with people and show you’re not alone,” he said.

Get Ready for Fall Hiring with iRecruit
Getting ready to ramp up your hiring again? At iRecruit, applicant tracking and electronic onboarding software, during demos we’re often asked questions related to candidate attraction and engagement. So we put together this helpful list.

How Remote Work Is Making a Global Impact (Read @ Indeed)
Remote work, accelerated by the pandemic, has changed how employers recruit people, how employees approach potential employers and how managers and leaders should think about interacting with their teams.

The jobs employers just can’t fill (Read @ BBC Worklife)
Throughout the past few years, workers have been resigning from jobs in record numbers. Some have been switching careers, some have been job-hopping for faster advancement and some have left the workforce altogether.

Neurodiverse inclusion is improving, but lack of awareness is blocking progress (Read @ HR Dive)
While companies have made progress regarding neurodiverse inclusion, 34% of neurodivergent respondents to a Texthelp survey said they had difficulty in recruitment and interview processes and 32% said they have “experienced lack of career progression,” according to the report released Sept. 13.

Talent Acquisition Ranks Among Highest Risks to Businesses (Read @ ERE)
Talent acquisition is increasingly becoming a matter of risk management. A new survey of business leaders by PwC reveals that talent acquisition and retention rank second (at 38%) among cited risks to their business (right behind more frequent and/or broader cyber attacks, at 40%).

Help wanted: No over-50s need apply (Read @ MarketWatch)
How are older Americans supposed to keep working until they’re 70 (or older) if nobody is going to employ them over 50? Does anyone in Congress have any thoughts about this? Or, for that matter, does anyone else?

As holiday season looms, recruiting is top concern (Read @ HR Dive)
While supply chain issues loom large over the upcoming holiday season, companies are more concerned about staffing, according to a Sept. 7 report from Multimedia Plus.

Why Economists Are Talking About ‘Labor Hoarding’ and What You Need to Know About It (Read @ Inc.)
A who’s who of economists just added a reason to the long list that explains why you’re having such a hard time hiring right now: A phenomenon called “labor hoarding.” Rather than laying off employees during these uncertain economic times, companies are hanging onto talent. What gives?


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