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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads

Happy Friday! Take a look at this week’s must read articles for recruiters, hiring managers and everyone in between:

Four Places to Find Overlooked Talent (Read @ SHRM Blog)
Most companies compete for the same narrow set of candidates, but you can gain an edge by hunting for talent where others are not.

5 Steps for Creating Inclusive Job Descriptions (Read @ HR Daily Advisor)
Employers are coming to realize in increasing numbers the importance and value of creating job descriptions that reflect inclusivity. Carefully drafting descriptions to avoid traditional gender-based biases leads to many benefits, including promoting gender diversity and bolstering your recruitment efforts by attracting more qualified applicants for your open position.

the people who are secretly working multiple full-time jobs from home (Read @ Slate)
Remote work has made lots of new things possible for those allowed to do it: We can do laundry while we work, excise commuting from our lives, and not worry about infecting colleagues when we have a cold. But it’s made something else possible too: a surge in people who are secretly working two or more full-time jobs without their employers’ knowledge.

The Death of the College Degree (Read @ Evil HR Lady)
Several states have moved to remove the requirements for college degrees from government jobs. Jobs that require licensing, such as nurses and attorneys, still demand degrees, but for many positions where people with degrees used to receive priority, that is going away.

A map of pay transparency laws across the U.S. (Read @ Glassdoor)
Being transparent about pay benefits both employers and employees. We don’t just support it at other companies – we also walk the talk on salary transparency at Glassdoor.

These Job Interview Horror Stories Will Leave You Perplexed, Confused, Bewildered, And Downright Flabbergasted (Read @ Yahoo)
Interviewing can be a real drag, and not just for the people job hunting, but for the hiring managers, too!

Companies Value Potential in Employees — Not in Candidates (Read @ ERE)
There’s so much inequity in talent development. The problem is that organizations tend to focus almost all of their development efforts on people they identify as having high potential. That’s maybe 10% of the workforce, which leaves behind many people and opportunities for development.

‘Must handle stress’: Red-flag language in job ads is on the up—and over 75% of Starbucks postings use ‘toxic’ phrases (Read @ Fortune)
There are some workplace phrases that instantly make workers’ toes curl, for example, the use of “family”. The term might have once been endearing, making workers feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


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