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iRecruit Recruitment Marketing 101 Training

We invite you to join us this Friday, November 30th at 1:00pm Eastern Time for Recruitment Marketing 101 training. Recruitment Marketing 101 Best practices to increase your reach and attract the most qualified candidates. We’ll cover lots of tips and tricks to improve your candidate communication and engagement. Learn how to nurture candidates with marketing strategies. Read more about iRecruit Recruitment Marketing 101 Training[…]


Five Things Millennial Job Seekers Want from Employers

Several years ago we wrote about the 5 things Jobseekers Want, this was based on a Careerbuilder.com survey of employees that discussed the factors applicants value most when considering an employer. The survey’s top answers were: Compensation Benefits Advancement Work-Life Balance Appreciation by Management Indeed has provided an updated survey of the top employers in Read more about Five Things Millennial Job Seekers Want from Employers[…]

Is a Slow Recruitment Cycle Damaging Your Business?

A recent ERE article highlights the Top 12 Reasons Why “Slow Hiring” Damages Recruiting and Your Business Results. The article explains that candidates for top positions can lose interest when they don’t receive any feedback from recruiters. “It’s not like I need their job. If it takes them a week to respond to a resume Read more about Is a Slow Recruitment Cycle Damaging Your Business?[…]