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Recruiting News Roundup #FridayReads (iRecruit Tips Edition)

Happy Friday! This week we’re taking a look at tips for iRecruit users:

Join Us for a Fast & Thorough Background Screening Webinar with Verified First on April 28th

Upcoming Webinar: Fast & Thorough Background Screening with Verified First

We are pleased to invite you to a 45-minute deminar hosted by our partners, Verified First, on April 28th at 1:00 PM ET. They’ll explore how your organization can easily make recruiting and hiring decisions and how to avoid the bad ones. 

iRecruit Customers Can Differentiate Their “remote” and “work from home” Jobs on Indeed.com
iRecruit has added new settings to support differentiating “remote” and “work from home” jobs on Indeed.com. This new option will work for your organic (free) posts, and for sponsored (paid) posts to Indeed.com.

Creating A More Efficient Hiring Process with iRecruit and iConnect
When someone is hired, traditionally they would come in to the HR office for their orientation day, and filled out a whole bunch of new hire paperwork. It would take a few hours, and if you had more than one new start at a time, it could be very time consuming for the HR department.

Ten Essential Questions to Ask on your Online Employment Application
Online employment applications are all the same, aren’t they? If you look at enough of them, yes, they can start to look alike. They all appear to request the exact same information, Contact info, education, work history, references, licenses, and more. Depending on the job though, these applications can vary.

Better Candidate Experience with a Shorter Application in iRecruit
Applicant Tracking Software is designed to collect information from job applicants so companies can make hiring decisions. Our customers know that iRecruit is highly configurable. This is important right now because we are in a candidate market.

Can I Get a Report on the iConnect New Hire Data Received?
iConnect customers are always interested in collecting data from their new hires. This typically includes additional information that was not originally requested with an application form, such as Emergency Contacts, or skill questionnaires. All of the data collected in iRecruit is reportable.

Get 10x more Traffic to your Jobs with a ZipRecruiter TrafficBoost®
For urgent or hard-to-fill hiring needs, make your job post more competitive and apply a boost. With a ZipRecruiter TrafficBoost®, your jobs get prioritized on ZipRecruiter, in their network of 100+ job boards, and in daily candidate emails.

Adding a Requisition Approval Process in iRecruit
iRecruit offers three ways that a job can be set up and posted. Quick Post – anyone who has an account may log in and create a brand new job post, or repost an existing position that is available immediately.

Reach Out to Candidates with Texting (iRecruit TXT)
iRecruit TXT is iRecruit’s texting feature. iRecruit TXT allows you to expediently reach candidates using built-in templates, creating a record of the conversation. With the open rate of text messages being 98% versus the open rate for emails at 20%, using iRecruit TXT can help you increase your time to fill easily.

New Checklist Feature Available in iRecruit
iRecruit just dropped a brand new checklist feature for customers to use. Need to make sure your recruiters and/or hiring managers are following specific steps so that nothing is missed? Add a checklist! Or do you need a checklist for onboarding new hires? iRecruit’s custom checklist is easy to add in Administration.

How Does Resume Parsing Work? FAQ
iRecruit customers use resume parsing with their employment application(s). Resume parsing can help speed up the process of completing a long application form. The resume parser reads the information on the applicant’s resume file (Word, PDF, Pages, Text files etc), and matches the content with the available fields on the employment application.

What is Work Opportunity Tax Credit Screening?
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit known as #WOTC is a federal tax credit available to employers who hire individuals from disadvantaged groups of workers. When you include WOTC Screening with iRecruit, it can save your company significant amounts of money. WOTC Screening is used to determine if a new hire is a member of a target group.


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